Dream Weaver

Sent back in time, Gwen must save her lover’s life. She failed him once before. She can’t fail him again. Dream Weaver was nominated for the CAPA the Cupid and the Psyche Awards.

Strange dreams haunt Gwen’s sleep, of a lonely cabin in the woods and a tall, dark stranger she’s never met. While visiting a restored village, Gwen is flung back in time and meets the man of her dreams!

All Christian wants to do is to practice medicine in the Pennsylvania wilderness. He doesn’t want to deal with a crazy lady who shows up at his doorstep, claiming to be from the future. And the last thing he wants is to fall in love.

But Gwen and Christian can’t deny their past or their future. They must deal with the dangers that threaten them…or die together.


Teacher Gwen Emrys has been experiencing some strange visions lately. She sees a man in a cabin in the woods. One of these visions almost causes Gwen to have an accident as it comes on her while she’s driving. Finally, Gwen decides to go visit a restored village. With a detailed map of Fort Pitt in her pocket, a strange thing happens to her and she becomes dizzy and blacks out. When she wakes up, she has no idea where she is. Everything has changed and she now finds herself in the middle of a woods. Her purse is gone, there are no cars, roads or anything other than trees anywhere in the vicinity. Eventually, Gwen comes across a man–and not just any man, but the one from her visions! And so Gwen now finds herself back in the year 1762.

When Christian comes across a woman strangely dressed close to his home, he has no idea who she is. Of course, when she starts spouting some nonsense about coming from the future, he believes she’s slightly off her rocker. Even feeling this way, he is strangely drawn to her and decides to do some investigating of his own. The map of Fort Pitt she has with her also leads Christian to believe the woman might even be a French spy.

Will Gwen ever get back to her life in the twenty-first century? Was she brought back in time for a reason? What of this attraction she has for Christian? Is there hope for the two of them?

DREAM WEAVER is a wonderful time-travel romance. Author S.A. Martin has dealt very realistically with all the problems time travel contains; such as language and dress. And then there is also the problem of a very modern woman finding herself back in a time when women had no rights and everything that poses. We are also given a very realistic look into the life of men and women back in 1762. Underneath all the problems these two people must face, there is love. A love meant to cross the ages. This is one time-travel I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend.