Night Shadows

Desperate to escape an unwanted suitor, Fianna flees to a faraway city. There, she finds she has gone from bad to worse. She is caught between three different men who want her, each for his own reason. The demon, Stilo, wants her as his sex slave. Angus, the spurned suitor, won’t give up in his pursuit. Only one man, Gaderian, loves her for herself, and he’s a vampire.

In a realm where vampires and demons battle for supremacy, Fianna is trapped in a dangerous game, where someone is bound to lose his life.


Gentle fingers caressed her cheeks, easing strands of hair from her face. He looked long and fully into her eyes, as if he could never get his fill of her. He held her ever closer, their bodies molded as one, leaving her with no doubt of the passion that lurked within him, a passion that matched hers. His kiss was long and hard, his arms tight bands of steel. Ah, she wished the kiss would go on and on, that he didn’t have to leave her this night. She wanted more than just his kisses and caresses, ached to have him inside her. Let him think she was a wanton; she didn’t care.

He cupped her buttocks and held her against him until she thought she couldn’t take another moment of this sweet torture, a torment that sent a rush of heat to every nerve ending in her body. She feathered kisses on his mouth and cheeks, then up to his forehead, and down to his mouth again.
“My darling!” He drew away and stood still for silent moments, his eyes closed, breathing deeply. Then he opened his eyes and looked down at her. “If I stay any longer, I’ll never be able to ride to Moytura.” He gave her a quick kiss. “I’ll be back later,” he murmured in his husky voice. “Wait up for me, if you can.”

“Night Shadows is full of suspense and dark plots. There are three different men, and each one has his own reason for wanting Fianna. The characters are well-developed and intriguing to read about. The war between the demons and the vampires fill the pages with exciting activity. Fianna is a great heroine who is caught between three demanding men, and her journey in finding love is one I greatly enjoyed and would certainly recommend to others. Love scenes are spicy and burning with intensity. Martin has written a fantastic paranormal plot that will have me on the lookout for more of her work in the months to come.” Angel, Romance Junkies.