One More Tomorrow

Destined to live in darkness, Galan must defeat the evil Moloch to regain mortality and win the love of the mortal woman, Stephanie.


In meaningful silence, they walked hand in hand to the apartment, past the jacaranda tree whose branches whipped in a stiff wind. Her hanging orchid pots swung back and forth from the branches of the grapefruit tree, like monkeys on a jungle gym. A vast canopy of night sky stretched above them, studded with countless constellations.

All these things she took in with only a look. Galan’s nearness, his strong fingers wrapped around hers, sent a rush of heat from her head to her toes and to every body part in between. She sensed a certain barbarism in him, waiting to escape but barely kept in check. The thought brought a smile to her face. His fingers caressed hers, her desire skyrocketing. Kiss me, Galan, she wanted to say as they reached her door. Let me know what it’s like to have your arms around me, kissing me until I can’t think of anything, anyone but you.

The moonlight shone on Galan’s face, accentuating his paleness and casting silver lights on his hair. His eyes were darker than obsidian, his gaze as intense as a lion stalking its prey.

“Sweeting,” he murmured as he stopped to face her.

“Why do you call me that?” More than anything, she wanted his kisses, but his language confused her. “That’s the second time you’ve used that word.”

He brushed a stray lock of hair from her face, his touch light and gentle. “It’s an old term, goes back hundreds of years. Yet it’s how I think of you–sweet and lovely, everything a man could want in a woman. And I want you–“

Without another word, he swept her into his embrace, binding her to him, as if for all time. He pressed his mouth to hers in a kiss that took her by surprise, a kiss like nothing she’d ever known. She wrapped her arms around his neck, returning his kisses, aching to keep him by her side. If he wanted to make love to her now, on her front doorstep, or carry her into her bedroom, she could never refuse him.

His kiss deepening, her body became weightless, as if she floated in space. Good lord, his kisses! She was drowning in sensuous pleasure, caught in a floodtide of warm passion, floundering, like a ship lost in a hurricane. If only she could stay in his arms forever, become part of him and never leave his side. Time no longer had any meaning as he pressed her ever closer, their bodies melding as one. Time present blended with time past and time future.

He whispered her name again and again, sending a fresh rush of heat through her body and leaving her so weak she feared her legs couldn’t hold her. A trail of kisses from her mouth to her jawline sent her emotions spinning out of control.

Then he stopped, his lips pressed to a spot on her neck. He licked the spot, his teeth nibbling at her skin. A low growl erupted from deep in his throat, a savage sound that sent a jolt of alarm racing through her.

She felt his shoulders tense beneath her fingers.

“Galan . . . what is it?”

“No,” he moaned. “Oh, no!”

Slowly, he drew back and stared down at her, a look of agony twisting his handsome face. How could he stop now, just let her go?

“I must leave now,” he whispered.

“Leave, already?” Desolation twisted inside her.

“Stevie, I’m so sorry.” After one last embrace, he was gone down the walkway before she could ask him what troubled him. So quickly, she’d hardly had time to comprehend his words.

ONE MORE TOMORROW is a wonderful vampire romance. S.A. Martin has done a truly outstanding job of showing the tormented life of a vampire through her character of Galan. I also love the abilities she has bestowed on her vampires, they can enter any door without being invited, they can transport themselves anywhere, to any time period in which they lived and they have amazing strength. The characters are realistically portrayed, the story line is enthralling and the love between the two characters gives us all hope of a soul mate. I highly recommend ONE MORE TOMORROW to all lovers of romance.
C. Gruver

Vampire romance fans will not want to miss the delightful ONE MORE TOMORROW, a fine tale starring two star-crossed lovers and the evil that shadows their every step. Galen is an admirable soul who drinks blood from only criminals while Stevie is a courageous person wondering if she truly loves the vampire. Although Moloch seems too intelligent and malevolent not to recognize the essential goodness of his apprentice (one can soundly counter argue that it goes against his blood to believe a vampire would love instead of hunt a human), readers will want more tales like this strong love story.
Harriet Klausner