Princess and the Curse

Nolan Tremaine is a fisherman, a man who likes to brag about things he’s never done and places he’s never seen. When a tavern stranger dares him to sail to the faraway land of Connachta and bring back the Blessed Bell of Bellarmine, he knows he is trapped. He can’t refuse the challenge. But where is Connachta, and where can he find the Blessed Bell of Bellarmine?

After sailing across the world, he comes to the land of Connachta. There he finds that the Bell of Bellarmine is really a belle, Princess Leslie.

The princess is a most unhappy woman. She must marry a man she loathes, an evil prince who has put a curse on the land, that all the women will remain barren. Only by her marriage to him will he lift the curse. But who can save her from this terrible fate?

Nolan to the rescue! But can a humble fisherman and a princess find happiness together?


“This is a fantasy romance, very cleverly done, well-written and entertaining. As Harriett Klausner (one of Amazon’s top reviewers) observes in her reviews of Ms. Martin’s vampire romances, “readers will want more tales like this…” I’ve read several of Ms. Martin’s works, and am thrilled to see her back on our boards. My apologies, Ms. Martin, for the previous “reviewer’s” mean-spirited comment, sounds like someone with a personal ax to grin, but my compliments on bringing us such a clever twist on an old myth.”
Judith Pittman “Jude Morris, Jude Pittman”