Wolf Magic

Rabid wolves are overrunning Avador. The queen has issued a decree to the sentries: Kill the wolves! Hunting the beasts in the forest, sentry Briant Girard spies a wolf in the distance and fells the animal with an arrow. Minutes later, he finds that he has badly injured a young woman. While tending to the woman, he worries, where is the wolf?

A wolf possessing her body, Annwn is torn and confused. She delights in her wolf essence, when she can roam the woodland, wild and free. But her human side yearns for all the joys of a normal woman, someone to love, a home and children.

Deeply attracted to the lovely Annwn, Briant wonders why she spurns his advances. Even after he discovers her secret, he vows he will always love her. But Annwn knows their love is hopeless.

A beast trapped inside her, a young woman fears she will never find happiness with the man she loves.

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